About the Artist

Karl Randall was born in Sydney Australia in the early 1970s, where he grew up in a large family of first generation Australians. He left Australia in 1992 to embark on a new life in the Netherlands where he found his love of drawing and painting. After a few years of living and working in the Netherlands, Randall then pursued a career in art in the UK. He studied Fine Art at the University of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne specialising in painting.

He now lives and works in the south of England producing paintings covering a range of topics, including animals and he is presently working on his Ballet series. His paintings have a unique underlying Australian signature; a torrent of raw unforgiving expression, using colours that identify with the Australian environment. 

Figurative aspects, mark making and the process that Randall uses within his paintings is inspired by artist including Picasso, Early De Kooning, Ranschenberg and Isabel Rawsthorne. Randall utilises some of these ideas, imagery and forms of expression, blending them into his own distinctive style. He is also hugely inspired by the Royal ballet where he watches  performances regularly. 

Randall uses a variety of mixed media when producing his art, including sand, recycled images, cloth, photographs and oil paint. Randall's paintings are a collaborative mix of thought provoking images and beliefs that are interwoven into a society we all contribute to today. 

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